Friday, July 1, 2016


Leisurely breakfast in the dining room, then off on a bus tour of the city.  Like Oslo, Copenhagen is clean and modern-looking.  Lots of construction and excursion buses from five cruise ships snarled the traffic a bit.  Drove by Tivoli Gardens and the Opera House on the way to the Royal Palaces.

Entrance to Tivoli

Opera House.  Cliff-diving is done from the roof.

Entrance to Royal Palaces

Then by some charmingly colourful streets, to the Littlest Mermaid (which I quite liked!).

Canal driven into town for access to the old warehouses.

Hans Christian Anderson's Littlest Mermaid

Another tiny (5 Million) Scandinavian country with free medicine, free education and (so what?) high taxes, selected by the UN as the happiest place to live.  They are also investing heavily in renewable energy sources, with the goal of being completely off oil by 2025.

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