Saturday, July 2, 2016

At Sea

Enjoyed a luxurious sleep-in this morning, which put the kibosh to my plans for a sit-down breakfast in the dining room.  Recovered and went to the cafeteria instead for a gooey French Toast sugar-hit.  Then to an information session on Russia (you need a visa unless going ashore on a cruise line tour, do not buy an Icon; they'll assume you stole it, and you really don't want a meeting with Russian Security Police, watch out for thieves, etc.).

Off to the dining room for a sit-down lunch.  Not sure why everyone doesn't do this instead of frequenting the cafeteria, but I'm glad it is the case.  Crossed into another time zone in the Baltic, our second since leaving Britain and seventh from home.  Passed the afternoon reading on the balcony and watching the occasional trawler go by, followed by freighters.  Busy corner of the world.

Formal dinner tonight, so I'll have to change out of my t-shirt.

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