Thursday, June 30, 2016


Sailed up the surprisingly long Oslo Fjord to Norway's capital city on a wet day.  Opened our blinds to discover that the ship was parked next to a castle (took the picture later in the day).

Caught our tour bus and rumbled off through the disappointingly normal-looking city.  En route, we passed the not-so-normal Opera House, a marble sort of beach whose roof leads to the water.

Oslo is booming, with construction everywhere in the capital of this country of five million.  With free medicare, free education through university, high taxes and seven-million Kroner apartments, everyone seems happy, healthy and thoroughly literate.  Pressed on up a mountain for a commanding view of the city.

Emerged at the top of the mountain to find the city's famous ski jump shrouded in low-lying clouds and invisible.  Back down for a tour of the harbour and some sunshine.  Suddenly the Royal Yacht came around the point, returning from a regal jaunt.

Then it was back to the ship.  We sailed at 5 PM and headed down-fjord with a pilot.  Once we were sure he'd managed to get us underway, we went up to Deck 14 to look down on the beautiful countryside while having a sushi dinner.

Islands in the fjord are a favourite spot for summer cottages.

Copenhagen tomorrow.

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