Monday, March 30, 2015

In The Wind

Yesterday, March 29th, we left Phoenix and the temperature there broke a record and hit 97F.  At this rate, it'll be 105 in April.

Motored east to Albuquerque, where none of the known tourist attractions appealed to our jaded senses, so continued over the Continental Divide.  The landscape began shifting from the predominant red desert of Arizona to a kinder, gentler, greener New Mexico with more yellowish rocky outcroppings.  At one point, a miles-wide valley with 400-500 feet high rocky sides showed continuous evidence, mile after mile of heavy-duty water erosion, as though an ocean had emptied through it for thousands of years.

Tip-toed trepidaciously to Tucumcari, scanning the darkening skies for funnel clouds all the way and arriving safely in time for supper.  Happily the temperature here was down into the low 80s.  Will probably push a little harder tomorrow to speed our way through Tornado Alley.  It's early in the season, but there were some here recently, so why hang about.

Road into Albuqurque

Albuquerque from I40

Annotated mountain unfortunately illegible now.

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