Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Homeward Bound - Day 3

Gagged down a complementary hotel breakfast and hit the road.  Quickly out of New Mexico and into Texas where our GPS dutifully informed us that the next event was a "Bear Right" in 221 miles.

Not to say Texas roads are dull (I don't care that much for exciting roads anyway.) but that part of Texas is flat.

Happily, there are religious groups bent on breaking the monotony (the blob on the left is the church).

That was followed by a Texas-sized windmill farm, stretching for 100 miles on the north side of I40.  In California, they disguise their cell-phone towers as palm trees.  Here they're made to resemble oil-well derricks.

Billboard near Amarillo from Texas Highway Patrol: "Going out tonight?  So are we.  Drink, drive, go to jail."

So it was with some relief that we entered Oklahoma around noon.  Totally different.

Well, maybe not western OK, but eastern OK is wooded, flowered, rolling country with people and everything.  The gladioli are in bloom as are the Oklahoma Redbud.

Anvil-topped clouds are viewed with great suspicion hereabouts.  Happily, this one ignored us.

Then it was on to Arkansas for the night and a bite to eat in 87F temperatures..

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