Sunday, March 29, 2015

Painted Desert

Homeward-bound, Day 1

Struck north again on faithful Interstate I7 to Flagstaff, where we took the I40 eastbound to the Painted Desert.  A colourful area created by the erosion of Chinle rock deposited 200 million years ago as silt, the layers of rock exposed are different colours.  Photos don't really do justice.  The road through the park includes the Petrified Forest area, where trees that fell into the silt/volcanic-ash mix had their fibres replaced by minerals.  They lay buried in the Chinle rock until erosion exposed them, in some cases making them look as though they had just fallen.

To Holbrooke for the night.  New Mexico tomorrow.

Park Entrance

Slice of petrified tree

Painted Desert

Painted Desert

The Tepees in the Southern Painted Desert

Some petrified tree remains

Petrified trees in the Crystal Forest

Petrified tree

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  1. I remember going through this desert in 1958, in our old Studebaker. Very impressive place.... Looks damned hot though....!