Monday, January 12, 2015

Out and About

Ventured out last night for a steak at a busy Long Horn Restaurant.  Steak was okay but service needed work.

Feeling stronger today, we decided to cross Phoenix to Mesa AZ to see visit the Commemorative Air Force Museum, passing the Saddle Dome on the way.  A nicely done effort, the museum offers rides in warbirds and has a lovingly restored B17 and a B25.  Paul struggled through the deceptively small B17 and was happy he hadn’t had to fly in it during the war.  A nearby F4 Phantom of Viet Nam fame seemed as large as the B25.

Across the road from the museum, an orange grove was full of ripe-looking fruit, ready to harvest.

Though some 50 miles away, it was an easy drive on eight-lane highways including a dedicated multi-passenger lane (HOV) which made the early rush-hour return trip easy.  Not to mention the 70 degree, sunny weather.

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