Sunday, January 11, 2015


Slowly recovering from a vicious cold/flu picked up on the cruise, and assorted, associated stomach and bowel disorders, all of which seem to take longer to sort out the older one gets.  Happily, we’re enjoying some of Phoenix’ 300 sunny days per year.  It did rain 0.04” on Saturday night, which made the news.

Phoenix is in a valley only 1086 feet above sea level, so the surrounding mountains shelter it nicely.  While Flagstaff at 6903 feet may get snow, it’s rare here.

Milk is $1.97.gallon.  So much for dairy control boards.

May venture out this week, don’t despair.

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  1. Wow! If my calculations are right $1.97 a gallon for milk = $2.32 CAD per gallon or $0.61 CAD per litre. We are paying $1.48 CAD per litre here or $4.77 USD per U.S. gallon. AZ pricing actually sounds pretty good...!

    Just realized that milk is about the same price as Gasoline in AZ!

    Speaking of which - gasoline here went BACK UP (???) to $1.04 CAD per litre this weekend. That's $3.35 USD per U.S. gallon...!

    In other words, we are getting hosed, as usual... !

    Snowing again - gotta go shovel - again...!

    Enjoy the sun and the low prices. Cheers.