Sunday, October 12, 2014


OK, just one more cathedral.

Hit the A4 this morning, through Lorraine, Alsace, Moselle; the Wine List that is France.  Past the battlefields of Metz, Verdun, the Marne and into the Champagne Region.  Rain had been forecast, but the sky cleared as we neared Rheims, so we decided to stop for lunch.

Found a neat little Savoyarde restaurant called the Chamois not far from the Cathedral and ordered a Raclette for two.  Paul ventured so far as to try a Savoy beer called La Cordee that was Myrtle flavoured.  After only minor hilarity with melted cheese and hot charcoal broilers (indoors!), we concluded successfully and rolled on to the Cathedral.

Built in the 1100s, it honors St. Remi who converted the Frankish king Clovis and 4,000 of his warriors to Christianity here in the 4th century.  This apparently tied the church to secular kings and to Rome.  The upshot was that 34 of the French kings had their coronations here, including the weak-chinned Charles VII with Joan of Arc at his side.

Heavily damaged in WWI, some of the stained-glass windows survived or were restored but many weren't and two were redone by Marc Chagal to mixed reactions.

Returned to the car ahead of the rain and motored on to Paris for our last week in France.

Cathedrale of Notre Dame at Rheims

Door detail

Central nave

One of the restored windows

12-petaled Rose window

Side-altar to Mary

Left-hand aisle, looking toward the door

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