Monday, October 13, 2014


Headed out of Paris in lovely, sunny weather for a visit to the Maid of Orleans home town; Orleans.  Reggie particularly wanted to see her house and the enormous bronze commemorative statue in Place du Martroi.

The house, which turned out to be a replica of the 1429 establishment, was closed on Monday.  On to the statue, with a brief stop to pick up a quiche and pastry for lunch, which we ate on a bench by the square’s fountain.  There was indeed an impressive monument in the square as well as a children’s carousel, the whole surrounded by wonderful 17th and 18th century buildings and serviced by a hyper-modern tram system.

OK, last church, but it was after all the one Joan prayed in.  Fiddled with by a number of kings since the 13th century, it has a bit of a chaotic style, but is mostly Gothic, with the usual flying buttresses, soaring arches and over-the-top decoration.  Lovely.

Place du Martroi

Memorial to Jeanne d'Arc

Carousel near memorial

Joan's house

Cathedral of Orleans

Tribute to Commonwealth dead


Side aisle

Explanatory section, wonderful light

One of the twelve stations of the cross

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