Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fontainebleau and Troyes

Motored off WSW this morning to Fontainebleau.  The beautiful, 1900-room, Renaissance chateau is one of the most richly furnished and decorated in France, with every inch covered by frescoes, tapestries, paintings and gilded carvings.  It has been home to numerous Royal personages with even Catherine de Medici having a go at improving it.  Acres of gardens surround the castle, with Carp ponds, fountains and a 20,000 hectare forest.  It's also closed on Tuesday.  Undaunted, we strolled the grounds, paid 50c to use the WC and headed off east for another hour to the town of Troyes.

One of the historic capitals of Champagne it has a fine collection (10) of Gothic churches and medieval and Renaissance half-timbered buildings in the Old Town.  The old center is "new", having been rebuilt after the devastating fire of 1524.  We strolled through the narrow streets, grabbed a sandwich at a patisserie and had a picnic in the square in front of the town hall.  Ste. Margarite Bourgeois (of Quebec fame) was born here.

Made a quick visit to two of the ten available churches (I'm sorry, I'm a Gothic Nut!) and headed home for some Parisian Sushi.

Main entry to Fontainebleau

One of numerous buildings

Reggie on the staircase from which Napoleon bade farewell to his troops.

Part of one of the gardens

The oval courtyard

Path between some of the buildings

Old downtown Troyes

Commemorative plaque

Old Town street

Altar, Ste. Margarite

Transept St. Pierre et St. Paul

Pretty corner

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