Friday, October 10, 2014


Enticed by raves in the Guide Books, we drove to Nancy today, to Stanislaus Square and the Old Town.  Stanislaus, the deposed King of Poland, ruled Lorraine (Lothringen in German) from Nancy as its duke in the mid-18th Century.  The central square named in his honour is magnificent, surrounded by uniformly-styled government buildings, and the Opera, festooned with gold-plated iron-work, fountains and enough architectural curlicues to satisfy the most jaded.  Immediately adjacent to the pedestrians-only square are the narrow, twisting streets of the medieval Vielle Ville and the rigid grid of streets of the Ville Neuve (17th-18th C.).  Absolutely delightful.  We spent a couple of hours just wandering.

Reggie managed another crepe lunch and Paul found yet another kind of beer, then we visited the 17th century, very dark, Cathedral briefly, before retrieving our car from the convenient and very-reasonably priced Parking Stanislaus and returning to Strasbourg for Pizza.

Stanislaus Square

Decorative street lamp.  Really.

One of the fountains in the square


Lambo parked wherever he feels like.

Cathedral interior

One of the Old Town gates.  Note the Cross of Lorraine over the door, one of De Gaulle's symbols.

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