Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday in the Keys

Having been more or less on the move since mid-December, we felt the need of a quiet day of R & R.  Paul managed to get up almost early enough to catch the sunrise, and later on, finally got a picture of a large, white Heron on a neighbour's porch.  Kindles are getting a workout today, outdoors, in the sun.

Sunrise in the Keys

Some camps are more substantial than others

Central canal bisecting RV Park.  Rumoured to be teeming with Tarpons.

White Heron on neighbour's dock.  Maybe visiting his cast-iron friend?

Sign on a neighbour's trailer.

1 comment:

  1. Folks!

    Looks positively idyllic! I can't wait to go for steelhead, drink whiskey and smoke cheroots with Paul...! OK - maybe just some shrimp and beer on a patio somewhere.... :-)

    Love the neighbours' sign... good one - LOL!

    Do not stop enjoying!