Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Low Tide

Actually a bit cloudy today.  Still warm, but cloudy.  Hadn't occurred to me but we're far enough south as to be  nudging up against the Tropics.  Unlike at home, where the prevailing winds are from the West and an East wind  means bad weather, here the reverse is true.  The prevailing winds are from the East (which is how Columbus got here) and westerly winds mean bad weather.  Clearly an adjustment is called for.

There are also tides, not surprisingly.  When you're on a beach, they're a little less noticeable, but when you're facing sea-grass flats that appear and disappear with the tide, it's a lot clearer.  The shallowness of the water means that it's a good hunting ground for all sorts of seabirds.

That island is a favourite roost for birds overnight

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