Thursday, January 12, 2012


Accidently discovered that if you get far enough out into space when using Google Earth, you get to see the NOAA (?) weather satellite images!  This turned out to be useful yesterday when we could see a line of squalls bearing down on the Keys, so spent the night snug indoors.

Wandered out today to look for Crazy Larry's discount emporium and blundered onto the Seven Mile Bridge, so went towards Key West instead.  On the way the road runs through a Key that is largely dedicated to the preservation of the Keys Deer, a miniature species of deer, of which only 800 survivors exist.  They're reputed to be the size of a Great Dane but were off somewhere communing with Nature when we passed, so no pictures.

We arrived (we thought) in less than 30 minutes, but some kind of traffic emergency had the main drag completely blocked, so after a suitable interval, we turned around and did another seven miles, serendipitously finding Daffy Doug's Dollar Store en route.  Still needed to stop at Wynn-Dixie on the way back, but the errands did eventually get done.  Checked out their selection of California vintages, but alas, no Two Buck Chuck was on hand.  There was however T-Shirt city next door, with the tantalizing offer of three-for-ten-dollars.

Keys version of a strip mall


  1. Apparently Gene Hackman was hit on his motorcycle.....true story, pretty sure that was the hold up.,,20561565,00.html

    1. I think you're right! The time is about right and they were making a huge fuss about it, but we never got close enough to see what was going on. Another momentary brush with fame.