Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seven-Mile Bridge

With Rej in perfect weather to see Seven-Mile Bridge.  The bridge arches out over the sea towards Key West.  Along side of it, a former railway bridge has been converted into a pedestrian walkway for the first two miles.  The old tracks were used to make railings for the walkway.  The sea was busy with fishermen, cormorants and pelicans.  We glimpsed a few enormous sea turtles but I was never quick enough to get a picture.  Manatees and dolphins are often seen nearby.

Lunchtime found us at a shoreline resto called Burdine's where a seafood wrap and a few refreshing Rolling Rocks were sufficient to persuade us to return to the trailer for an afternoon siesta.

Pelican on the prowl

Pedestrian walkway adjacent to 7-mile bridge

Bridge railing made from railway tracks


Junk reputedly sailed over from China to be used as a live-aboard

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