Friday, January 6, 2012


Out for errands yesterday, having stopped in at Wynn-Dixie for necessities the night before and noticing that they had an entire row dedicated to wine and beer, up to and including Dom Perignon.  Decided to try Publix, the other large grocer nearby as a check.  Easily found all we needed as well as a plethora of tropical fruits and veggies.  They also had their own liquor store where I procured a bottle of Crown Royal, one of Vermouth and a nice mango liqueur for the price of a bottle of rye alone  at home.  Later we went with Rej and our new neighbours JoKaren and Richard to Happy Hour at a nearby, water's edge  institution known as Sparky's for Happy Hour.  This well-attended spot was adjacent to docks swarming with expensive deep-sea sport-fishermen, some for sale, but none in our price range. There, all drinks were half-price ($1.25 for beer) and grilled, jumbo shrimps were 15 cents each.  Thirty of those, a couple of draft Blue Moon beers and a Pina Colada for Reg saw us happily off for $23 including tip.  The group repaired to our trailer for more beer and a chat, all wrapped up by 9PM (Floridians!).

Down to the shore this AM to watch Snowy Egrets wading on the flats.

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  1. Wow!- Sunny, warm, convenient and cheap! Just what the doctor ordered! Huirricanes be damned!

    Can't wait to try the fresh shrimp. I remember I had some fresh shrimp in New Orleans once and I am still thinking about them....

    Good news on the manhattan ingredients, too!

    Don't stop enjoying..!