Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Keys at Last

Past enormous Miami (280th Street SW Exit anyone?) on the Florida Turnpike, total cost $6 with less traffic and trucks than I95, to the Keys.  The highway stops at the tip of the mainland in Florida City and you fall onto Highway 1 from thereon, a two-laner.  Basically the same highway from the Canadian border to the tip of Florida.

Total time from Miami to Marathon; 3 hours.  Stopped in at Reggie's brother Rejean's condo for a lovely home-cooked meal, then over to the trailer to unload.  Met the neighbours and settled in, 100 feet from the Caribbean.


Highway 1 bridge to the Keys

Key Largo Chamber of Commerce

View from Rej's condo front door

Rej's trailer, our home-away-from-home

View from trailer

January blooming shrub

House and island for rent for $2,000/night for those who want to be alone.

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  1. Hi Folks!

    Looks very nice, indeed! Beautiful, relaxing scenery.

    I am google-earthing the whole island right now... :-)!