Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year’s in New York

Stef and Jenn went to see a Broadway Play (Wicked) on New Year’s Eve and thought they might pop over to Times Square for the world-famous festivities.  So did a million other people.  Security was strict and well-organized but they wound up blocks from the ball and eventually gave up and came home to watch it on TV. 

New Year’s Day, after an elaborate Eggs Benedict breakfast whipped up by Stef, we pointed Mable south and set off at 11AM.  Considering that it was a holiday Sunday, I95 South was quite busy all day (for  us Canadians, anyway).  We drifted through southern New Jersey into Maryland, Delaware (home of Perryville), Washington DC (Leesburg) and finally Virginia, passing such fabled places as Annapolis, Langley, Quantico, Arlington, Manassas, Fredericksburg, and Richmond.

Stopped outside the latter at a Cracker Barrel for a down-home supper.  Paul opted for a Blue Cheese salad topped with caramelized carrot shreds, Blue Cheese, Blue Cheese dressing, beets and Southern Fried chicken dipped in Pecans and covered in praline sauce, washed down with Raspberry Lemonade.  Kind of a dessert chicken.  It was hopelessly sweet.  We bailed on the chocolate cake and drove to Emporia, found a Best Western and packed it in for the day after only some 650Kms due to the lazy start.

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  1. Yee Haw!

    Florida-bound at last!

    Enjoy the trip - it's half the fun!