Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back to New Jersey

Turned in rental car painlessly at SeaTac (successfully located by Mable, our GPS).  Slogged through Security and checked our one bag ($25) when we used the automated ticket agent to upgrade to a seat with more legroom ie: the exit aisle ($79 each).  Found the subway that loops out to the satellite N (North) terminal, a sort of island on the tarmac, had a burger for lunch, found gate, sat, fired up Kindle.  The plane was full so the gate agent began announcing that there would not be enough storage aboard for everyone's carry-on baggage, so if anyone wanted to volunteer, they could bring their bags to the gate agent, he would see to it that they were checked aboard for free and let the donors board early with the first-class passengers (and Service Personnel, a nice touch).  Eventually that crisis was resolved and we boarded.

We were seated over the wing and watched with interest while passengers seated at the rear of the plane, placed their bags in the overhead compartments near us and continued on to their seats, oblivious of the irritation this would cause to the people who would eventually claim the seats under those compartments and find there was no room for their bags.   Air travel just keeps getting worse.  We munched $7.99 Thai Wraps with complementary coffee and passed on the in-flight movie as we flew East in the Friendly Skies.

The flight back was scheduled to clock in at 5 hours, 1/2-hour less than the flight out due to the jetstream.  In fact we arrived 15 minutes ahead of that, but since no one had alerted the Ground Crew, we sat for 15 minutes while they were rounded up.  Eventually the bag appeared on the carousel, we located the shuttle to the carpark, collected the Vibe and persuaded the East Coast version of Mable to take us to Stef's place.  Another delightful air travel experience logged.  Now for some quiet time before hitting the road to Florida in the New Year.  By car.


  1. Hi folks!

    FInally located my password to be able to enter a message on your site. For some reason it is radically different from my usual one for most other sites. Sounds like you are having a great time in the US of A, airline issues notwithstanding...

    Big news here is I was awarded my first service contract for Aeroquest, a small job ($130K) up near Amos, Quebec.... I will be drawing up the contract this week. It is a company that only deals with Aeroquest so it is not like I did a super sales job, but on the other hand, as my old Optech sales colleague Jim "The Machine" Green used to say.... "They all count..."

    I really liked Seattle as well, rainy though it tends to be. Food is pretty good and it has an air of calm about it. It turns out to be one of the U.S. cities with the lowest crime rate...!

    Looking forward to Florida! Perhaps we can make Key West for a drink at the bar that Hemingway used to patronize....!

    Cheers and enjoy!


  2. oh and - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!