Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sounio and Santorini

After boarding, we set sail for Sounio, the southernmost cape on the Greek mainland, where we anchored for a swim beneath the 600BC Temple of Poseidon.  Admired the sunset on the temple, ate supper and sailed for Santorini.

We arrived at Santorini for the second time at 7:30AM the next morning, breakfasted and got the tender to shore.  Up the cable car one more time to the town center and hiked over to the bus station.  There we boarded a local bus (E1.60) for the 20 minute ride to Oia (pronounced Ee-ah).  Famed mostly just for being cute and for nice sunsets, Oia’s tiny, twisty streets abound in shops and restaurants (not to mention, tourists).  After a suitable wander, bussed back to Fira, down the cable car for lunch in the Old Port.  Just for a change of pace from fried squid, we had fried octopus at a portside taverna and watched the tenders and excursion boats come and go.   Back aboard (out of the sun) at 2PM.

Temple of Poseidon at Sounio

Aegean sunset

Beautiful Oia on Santorini

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  1. Yee haw for Oia!

    As you know, that's the image of the Greek islands we have over here.... White and blue...nothing but white and blue.... gorgeous!

    Now remember , good people, when sailing- it's "Port Out, Starboard Home"!

    Cheers and Love!