Friday, September 2, 2011

Kea and Piraeus - Start of the Second Cruise

Motored into Kea after breakfast and tied up in the well-protected little harbour.  Paul (still getting over a cold) opted to nap the day away while Reggie went off with the group to explore the capitol.  After the usual great supper, we set sail for Piraeus and the end of our first Greek Island cruise.

We awoke to a force 5-6 (Beaufort scale) wind on the starboard beam that had the ship heeled over about 10 degrees.  Curiously, there were no waves, our wily captain slipping between islands and avoiding the worst effects of the Bora, a wind blowing out of Asia Minor.

We arrived on schedule at Piraeus and disembarked, our luggage being handed across to the Harmony G which was in the next birth.  After our last breakfast aboard, we said our farewells to the crew and our fellow passengers and set off to track down a Laundromat.  Alas, these are unknown in Piraeus, a port city.  Perhaps we’d have more luck near a university.  Anyway, disappointed, we slogged back in the burgeoning heat and settled in a seaside taverna for some fried squid and a leisurely Alfa beer, followed by a lemon sorbet and strong Greek coffee (since Paul was beginning to nod off again).  Finally we descended to the port and boarded our next adventure, the Harmony G at 2:30 PM to find our bags safely ensconced in our cabin.

Again we were upgraded to a main deck cabin amidships, and after the obligatory safety drill and welcoming cocktails with the captain, set off for dinner at sea.  Because of the winds, we’ll be doing the cruise in reverse order but should get to see everything advertised.

Those with weak stomachs might not enjoy small boat cruising.

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  1. Awesome!

    I remember Piraeus as being the port city for Athens, I believe.... I think Jason and the Argonauts set out from there with images of golden fleece dancing in their ancient heads...

    Sounds like fun, all that sailing, dining and drinking, with the blue Aegean all around. Good stuff... Hope you feel better soon, Paul - at least in time for the plate-smashing ceremony which will surely be held at the end of cruise banquet.

    I now realize where the Maserati "Bora" got its name...!

    Warmed up here for today (28), expecting a cold front on Monday (19). Still pondering over details re: potential job here...

    Have a great weekend!

    Cheers and Love,