Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poros to Pholegandros

Set off in near calm conditions for a midday swim and BBQ stop in a bay of the island of Polyaigos.  Mild seas in the afternoon (3-4 feet) which the Galileo ignored, as we wafted across the wine-dark waters to Pholegandros.  Formerly an isolation/exile spot for political prisoners in the 90s, it has returned to its sleepy ways and the harbour is thankfully too small for the mega-cruise ships to enter.

Took a local bus up to the capital Chora (I think that just means Capitol because there seems to be one on every island) in time for sunset and a delicious Gyro, followed by a stroll through the village and a descent to the boat under a full moon.

Coastal church

Galileo at Pholegandros

Who wouldn't enjoy being here?

Side street

Island history on a tablecloth

Full moon over Aegean


  1. Looks gorgeous! Great photos and that ship of yours is quite the vessel!! Glad to know you are enjoying every minute and will have lots of great memories to share.

    The big news here is that Roy and Agnes have finally been moved into a retirement home (at 89!)in Verdun. Not without some excitement, though, as Agnes collapsed on Thursday and spent the night at the Montreal General. She was released the next day with (I thought)a rather amateurish diagnosis that she may have had a mild heart attack....! yikes....!

    Anyway - things have been hopping here ever since, with all 3 of the Hart siblings and yours truly keeping the old folks company and helping out wherever we can.

    Enjoying the blogs - keep 'em coming!

    Cheers and love,


  2. Finally get to sail on a tall ship, dad! Did you give them the benefit of all your years of salty sailing wisdom?