Friday, September 9, 2011

Piraeus and Galileo - Start of the Third Cruise

Packed up, ate breakfast aboard the M/Y Harmony G, and retired to the lounge for the morning.  Ventured ashore to Piraeus for a desultory lunch in crushing heat, then staggered back to board the new ship, the motor-sailor Galileo, a sloop-rigged three-master.

Discovered we had been upgraded again, this time to the top deck where our bags awaited us in our cabin.  After the usual orientation and safety talks, we got underway about 3PM and sailed SW for the tiny island of Poros (in light winds), where the Greek yachties go to show off.  During the excellent dinner the Chief Steward suggested that we try a bottle of Greek Cabernet Sauvignon from the Atalanti region.  When I demurred, he murmured that it was on the House!  Not wishing to seem ungrateful, we agreed and found the wine to be quite good.

Our fellow passengers are Canadian, American, British, Australian, French and Mexican and seating in the dining room is open so we hope to mingle more on this cruise.  

Strolled about in the balmy evening after dinner admiring the yachts.

All aboard the Galileo!

After-deck lounge

Dining room and lounge

Top deck

We're in the first cabin.  Hope it doesn't get too Wet & Wild!

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