Monday, September 12, 2011

Santorini Morning

Arrived at Santorini (again) at first light after a restful night at sea with only 2 – 3 foot waves.  Motored in through the gap in the caldera to find three large cruise ships and a number of smaller ones already moored, with flocks of tenders rushing back and forth to shore.  Our ship, for reasons unknown to us, was allowed to tie up right at the dock which is immensely convenient, as it means one can return aboard at will.

It rapidly turned into another breathlessly hot day, so we decided to take a day off after four weeks of tramping about.  We repaired to the sun deck, hoisted an umbrella and sat in solitary splendour sipping cold drinks while everyone else went ashore for the day.  Bliss.

With so many cruise ships moored in the caldera and the tenders shuttling 100 passengers at a time to the dock, the 36-passenger cable-car soon had a one-hour wait for access to the town.

Dawn near Santorini

Santorini at sunrise

Cruise ships galore in the caldera

Oia in the morning light

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