Wednesday, August 17, 2011


To Bavarians, beer is food, not a drink.  It is estimated that they consume 300 litres of beer a year each.  Oh, and kidney stones are unknown in Bavaria.

Passed on a tour of Nuremberg (Reggie still recovering from a cold and Paul had his fill of Angst) at the crack of dawn.  We were treated to a Bavarian lunch of vienerschnitzel, sausage, pork neck, sauerkraut, etc., but alas no Black Forest cake. We did however sample the local Weissbier which was refreshing.

After lunch we sailed again and climbed through several 70-foot tall locks to the high point of the canal at 1300 feet above sea level, passing the continental divide.  Downhill from here to the Danube.  The locks of course, drain downhill, so water needs to be pumped up from the Danube to the Divide.  The bigger locks have tanks nearby into which 60% of the water is pumped when the lock is emptied.  They are used to refill the locks partially for the next ship.  The electricity to drive these pumps is provided by hydroelectric generators alongside many of the smaller locks on the lower river that use the outflow from the locks to generate power.  Ingenious!

Regensburg tomorrow.

Reggie and costumed waiters

Lunchtime brew

Canal as aquaduct passing over a road

Continental Divide

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  1. Haha! Love those waiters. You can really tell that they're authentic bavarians, what with the leiderhosen and all...