Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bamberg, Bavaria

Another city that escaped largely unscathed from WWII, Bamberg is a catholic city of some 50,000 people with 30 churches and 65 breweries.  Some of which produce a local specialty, Smoked beer (an acquired taste, I'm sad to say).  Medieval buildings abound, the whole crowned by the Dom or cathedral, the bishop's residence and his famous rose garden.  At one point, the residents asked the Prince/Bishop's permission to build a townhall.  The Bishop responded "Not on my land".  The citizens had anticipated this reaction and told him "You may own the land but you don't own the river.", so they built their town hall over the river.  Germans have a long-standing love-hate relationship with the church, as shown by Martin Luther's protestant rebellion.

Straggled back to the boat for Chef's Night (each chef served their specialty) and the first of the taller locks, a 10 Meter unit that seemed to raise the boat about an inch per second.

On to the Main-Danube canal tonight, parts of which are actually an aqueduct that passes over roads and fields.

Nuremberg tomorrow.

Bamberg city hall

Medieval street

Smoked beer, a local treat

Bishop's rose garden


  1. Spectacular photos! Interesting history as well.....No shortage of history around that area, I wouldn't think....On to the blue Danube, you lucky people!

    Nice weather here but with almost nightly thunderstorms.... typical August in Montreal...

    Vintage car show at the Chateauguay A&W tonight. Lee and Dave and I are planning to visit the Cruise Night at the Orange Julep tomorrow night. Lotsa fun for car nuts....

    Keep up the enjoyment and the great blogs!



  2. Love that photo of the city hall. Very cool! Hope you guys are having a great time. We'll Skype once our internet is hooked up.