Thursday, August 18, 2011


A town since before the Romans built a fort here in 179 AD, Regensberg is now a well preserved Medieval city. Obviously prosperous, its houses are five and six story beauties.  The home of Johannes Kepler, it also boasts Germany's oldest restaurant, the 12th century Altes Wurstkueche (Old Sausage Kitchen) where we stopped to sample some delicious sausages with saurkraut and beer for lunch.  The lunch came with one roll from the basket on the table.  If you take more rolls, they'll charge you.

While wandering through a department store that was under construction, Paul managed to miss a step and sprain his knee slightly.  That was all the excuse he needed to beg off the afternoon's planned walking tour.  Reggie set off in the afternoon in search of a nail salon while Paul remained on board.

The boat immediately set sail for the next town.  Apparently one main engine has developed a problem and the boat needs to head out early so it can reach a drydock for repairs. The shore party will be bussed down to join the ship tonight for supper, and we will sail on to the drydock town.  Then, we are advised, we will need to pack again and be ready to resume the tour for at least a day and night by coach while the ship is repaired.  If all goes well, we'll re-embark and resume the cruise.  If not they will bus us to a Vienna hotel and eventually to Budapest with as many side trips as they can fit in.  Sort of an adventure within an adventure.  The ship is Swiss-flagged for tax reasons (I guess) and with their usual fetish for precision, the crew seem embarrassed by the difficulties.

Regensberg from the old stone bridge

Late Gothic cathedral

Cuckoo-clock store.  One 2,000E model had solar panels on the roof to power a pump to pump water over a miniature waterwheel.  As well as dancers, miniature Oompah band and cuckoo.

Lunch!  In a cafe in continuous operation since in 1148.


  1. Hello, Good People!

    Nurenberg and Regensburg sound fabulous - were it not for the boat breakdown...! Anyway - as you say, it is an adventure and the cruise company will take good care of you, I'm sure...

    Sausages and beer...... ! Damn! I feel like firing up the Barbie right now - except it's only 11:20 am...

    Yesterday I completed my 2nd weekly major bike run by leaving the Camry at Lee's and pedalling out to Pointe-Claire Village via various and sundry bike routes. Had a nice outdoor lunch there and made my way back to Lee's for conversation, guitar licks and a "starter" beer or two. Then we headed out to the Orange Julep for their Wednesday night vintage car cruise. Dave joined us there as well. It was quite fabulous, with a pristine '56 Chevy BelAir being offered for sale at $50,000 - by the father of a girl that Lee knows (Megan's friend). This girl is a nurse and works at the Jewish and, as it turbed out, knows Laura!! Small world, eh? There were about 50 vintage cars all told, in various stages of restoration and/or modification. We followed that up with a fabulous Montreal pizza and a bottle of wine and then headed home. As I was leaving the restaurant, (it is one where we go quite often), the waitress told me that Adele and Michelle had left just minutes before we arrived! Small world again!

    Well, sounds like the exciting adventure continues! Love the blogs. Please take lots of pictures - and when you get to Budapest, remember to try the authentic Hungarian chicken paprikash!



  2. Those Cuckoo clocks are insane! Sorry to hear about your knee. Stop living on the edge, you maniac!