Monday, August 29, 2011


Sailed in choppy seas to Monemvasia in southern Peloponnese, arriving about 7PM.  Home of the "Gibraltar of Greece", the offshore rock is crowned by the Medieval fortress town of Palamidi.  Happily we bussed up the hill to the lovingly restored village within the walls, found a restaurant and settled at a table on the 8-foot wide street.  Reggie chose the Moussaka and Paul ordered something called a veal pot roast in lemon sauce.  It turned out to be the entire roast for E9!  So tender, I think you could have cut it with a spoon.  Sated, we examined the arts and crafts and then returned to the ship and an abortive attempt to Skype with our sons and their families (internet was too slow for success).

Crete tomorrow.

The Rock at Monemvassia

City walls by night

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