Sunday, August 28, 2011


View of Nafplios from the citadel

Town beach 

We stayed in port overnight and the morning was open for exploring and shopping.  The ship arranged for a bus to take us up to the fortress of Palamidi overlooking the town (thus avoiding the 999 step climb).  Once there we found there were another 500 steps inside the fort.

Built by the Venetians in only three years, the huge complex was finished in 1714 and (embarrassingly) captured by the Turks in 1715.  It overlooks the port of Nafplios and the tiny island fortress of Bourtzi at the harbour mouth, built by the Turks.  After exploring for an hour, we bussed back to the boat for lovely lunch before heading off southwards to Monemvasia.  The sea was still kicking up a bit and our stabilisers worked hard to earn their keep.


Memorial to Austrian soldiers who died here during typhoid oiutbreak of 1830s

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  1. Hi Folks!

    Awesome blogs and photos over the last three days!!! Michelle and I were camping in Deer River and did not have our computers so couldn't check on your progress.... Drove back yesterday aft through Hurricane Irene's wrath. I was surprised to learn that Chateauguay had not lost power despite the 60 km/h winds! Unusual...

    Anyway all is well here. Interview tomorrow in Boisbriand with a former Optech customer of mine. He knows me well and is considering having me work for him in some salesy capacity. We shall see...

    Okay I will leave you to your blue-and-white world and wait for the next exciting blog! Cheers and keep up the great comms!