Monday, August 29, 2011


Sailed lumpy seas with one to two-meter waves in Force 3-4 breeze all night to arrive at the town of Rethymno in Crete around 10AM.  Conquered by the Venetians who built a tiny harbour, then by the Turks and everyone else, it was the scene of Hitler’s only airborne attack in WWII.  Crete has been inhabited since 7000BC, and was the home of the Minotaur.

From here we intended to bus to Knossos to see the 1300BC, 1400 room (labyrinth) castle of Minos.  The trip is 1 ½ hour drive, 1 ½ hour walk in the blazing sun, and then back again.  Oddly we were among the only four who signed up, so the bus was cancelled and the ship offered to get us a taxi which would take us for E130.  We decided to walk through the Old Town instead and had an interesting lunch of grilled sardines under an awning.  Reggie toyed with the idea of having a swim at the nearby beach but the waves were a little too vigorous, so we had a nap instead.

Rethymos from the sea

Section of old town

Pet lizard in a Taverna

Grilled sardine lunch

Reggie and the beach

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  1. I also had sardines for lunch! - albeit from a can - and eating over the kitchen sink, but still.... ;-)

    Sounds great! I can just imagine the dilemna within Paul - Spend money and make the effort to go see an ancient historical site OR - a nap and a nice Mediterranean lunch...!

    Beautiful weather here now that Irene has wandered off east. Time for a bike ride before my late afternoon nap.

    Enjoy that warm Mediterranean breeze!

    Cheers and Love,