Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday Night in San Agustin - The Band

Honorary band member Paul

Canaries Day 12

Tired from our beach trek, we opted to eat at the hotel last night. Turned out it was Canaria Buffet night with a selection of local foods, pork, chicken, fish and their all-purpose sauce; Mojo (pronounced Moto). All good, washed down with Sangre de Toro and then the band appeared. They launched into spirited renditions of Canary, Spanish and other tunes (including Lara’s Theme from Dr. Zhivago) as they wove through the tables. When they finished serenading our table, I applauded and shouted “Ole” which they liked so much that one of them clapped his hat on my head and handed me a Gourd and Comb so that I could play along with their next number. Though my musical abilities are of the “the less heard the better” variety, I gamely scraped rhythm for what seemed like twenty minutes but was probably two, then retired to my wine to the hilarity of the audience.

Who would have thought that my 15 seconds of fame would occur in the Canaries!

Buenos Noces!

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  1. Hey Paulster!

    Looking good! Talk about getting your Mojo (or Moto) working (LOL)!

    The tan, the relaxed smile, the slimmer figure (?). AND - you just happened to be wearing a white shirt, like the rest of the band...!

    Good on ya! Continue the enjoyment.

    Still minus 10 here, but at least it's sunny.