Friday, February 11, 2011

More Day 12 - Camel Ride

Reg and baby camels

Us as Camel luggage

Reg staring down the Atlantic


After lolling away the day on the beach (7.5E for rental of two lounges and umbrella), our tour guide picked us up at the hotel in a people-carrier and whisked us up some narrow mountain roads to a camel farm. There we boarded our camel Carlos and set off through the park like so much luggage. The camels were Dromedaries from Africa brought over for the purpose. Their big, two-toed feet weren’t bothered by the rocky trail and with only mild grumbling lugged us around the path for half an hour, back to the caravansary for a refreshing beverage. Then over the mountains and safely back to the hotel.

Tonight is Pizza Night in Gran Canarias!

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