Thursday, February 10, 2011

Canaries Day 11 - Las Palomas

Dunes at Las Palomas

Las Palomas beach

Seafront apartments

Sign in surf shop window

Monster Walk

Slathered up with sunscreen and set off down the seaside promenade to Las Palomas, several kilometers away. Lots of fellow strollers, beautiful villas covered in flowers, bars, restaurants and even shopping centers overlooking the beach. Paused at Playa des Ingles (The Englishmen's Beach) for an Estrella Gallicia cervesa and diet Coke before plugging on to Mas Palomas. Some combination of wind, surf and sand-holding plants has created a large sand dune park on the sea. The prospect of walking back seemed daunting, but after inquiring about bus tickets (20E, Return-only, for two) we hopped a cab for a 6E return home where we were greeted by our Norwegian neighbours and chilled glasses of Moscatel a sweet white wine concoction. While Reggie sorted the day's haul of souvenirs, Paul sorted the pictures and here are the highlights.

Hasta Manana!


  1. Dunes....... I love dunes........

    Sunny and minus 11 with a wind chill. The only dunes we gat are snow dunes.....

    Bars and them too...



  2. Hey Paul and Reg. I've finally taken the time to catch up on your blogs. Things look petty good in the Canaries. To bad we haven't seen any pics of the Scandanavians (spelling?)you were describing.
    Things are very hectic arround here this week with the opening of Guys and Dolls. Spent most of last Saturday moving sets into Aultsville Theatre, rehersals Sunday afternoon and evening and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6pm til midnight. Today (Friday) is opening night with a party afterward so another late night.
    Beautiful day today with the sun shining and a balmy minus 5.
    Ciao los amigos....Conrad