Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Canaries Day 10 - Market Day

Arriving at the market

Glassblower at work

Lineup for taxis

On Wednesday the municipal market opens in nearby San Fernando. Accompanied by our Norwegian neighbours, we hailed a standard-shift, diesel Mercedes taxi and roared off to the next town. Five minutes and five Euros later, we disembarked in front of an enormous market building. The Mercado Municipal was taking place in and around the building and consisted of hundreds of stalls peddling everything portable. No appliances or cars, but if the seller could carry it to market, it was there. There was a predominance of jewelery and clothing, but souvenirs abounded as well, up to and including African ceremonial masks.
We men lasted about an hour and a half before yielding to the need for liquid refreshment, after which we set out to look for a cab. The taxi line in front of the market was a block long, so with the help of a half-dozen stern looking, heavily-armed Guardia Civile policemen we crossed the road and hiked a 100 meters. There we easily flagged down a taxi and were whisked back to the hotel.
The weather? 21C with scattered clouds.

Reggie immediately set off for the front desk and more adventure brochures. No rest for the wicked.

Via con Dios!

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