Monday, February 7, 2011

Canaries Day 9

Nearby depanneur

Elaborate Ped Xing overpass in the background

Vanilla? Anybody know?

View from new patio. Woo-Hoo! An awning!

Canaries Day 9

Big excitement today. Reggie decided she’d rather be on the pool-deck level of the hotel and persuaded the Front Desk to upgrade us to the larger room at no charge. So, repack, stow the food and schlep everything from the first floor to the zero-th floor. The new place is larger and exits through patio doors to a small sitting area and thence to the terrace overlooking the pool. Best of all, it comes with an awning, for although the temperature is a steady 20C the sun is a crusher, explaining why the mainland, 150 Km away to the east, is home to the Sahara Desert.

Near the new front door are the usual, riotous Hibiscus and a plant which we at first thought might be Vanilla with yellow flowers and long seedpods, but the seeds aren’t the right kind and the smell is wrong. Anyone know what it is? Please leave a comment on the blog if you do.

After an injudicious Pina Colada last night which knocked her out at 9PM, we decided that Reggie's drink needed some additional mix and set off to the nearby depanneur. On the way we passed an elaborate curved structure which turned out to be a pedestrian crossing to get over the highway.

Now to try the new mix, poolside.

Hasta luego!


  1. Looks like the flowers might be yellow trumpet flowers...

  2. I was going to say Hibiscus....

    More snow here today..... Minus 11 with a swirling, howling wind...! Makes 20 degrees C sound rather appealing, I must say.

    Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Good on Reggie for geting the upgrade. Much more pleasant when one can see young, scantily-clad Scandinavians frolicking in the pool....

    Cheers from the Frozen Wasteland!