Friday, February 4, 2011

Gran Canaria - Day 6

Lovely quiet day with more balmy breezes and sun.

A local dove (no pigeons here) seems to have developed an interest in us. When we eat on the terrace he arrives and waits for us to finish. Then he flutters down to the floor and checks for crumbs. After tidying the floor, he checks the table. If we have swept that, he returns to the floor and starts strutting towards the patio doors, clearly intent on venturing inside to see what else we may have for him. So far we’ve been able to head him off, but he thinks nothing of being only a few feet from us and we need to keep our guard up or he’ll be blundering around inside, pooping on everything. Cheeky beggar!

Discovered that the terrace bar, in addition to Pina Coladas and Tropical beer, also serves delightful Spanish pizzas which we sampled tonight, traditionally Pizza Night Chez DesRosiers. Now to repair to the terrace with some honey rum. Hope the dove doesn’t want some of that too!

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