Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gran Canaria - Day 5

Sixteen years ago today, we became grandparents for the first time when Kyle Frederick Cook was born and changed our lives and those of his parents forever. Happy Birthday Kyle, may the next 16 years bring you as much joy as you have brought to us................

We are enjoying the warm sun and fresh breeze and "missing" all that snow (LOL) that all of you are having. Today we took a stroll on the boardwalk for a km or so. It's incredibly clean here compared to the Dominican Republic, but not quite as hot, which Paul likes. The water front is crowded with hotels and apartment hotels, but all the beaches are public. I (Reggie) put my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, which now accomplishes my wish to dip my toes in as many oceans as I can before I die. I don't think that I'll ever dip them in the Arctic and Antarctic Ocean, I'll leave those for the great adventurers, but maybe I'll be able to dip in the Indian Ocean in the future.

Lots of German tourists here and very few English speaking people. We see a lot of bare boobs though...............ah those Europeans..............sorry no pictures and you wouldn't want to see them anyway since they are all wrinkled, droopy and floppy except for the ones who had breast augmentation in their youth, which really looks stupid now.......................

Sunrise over Africa

The sand on the beaches is very dark almost black with gold specks in it. I'll bring some home to show everybody.

Bouganvillia running amok

I'm all ready for Easter with this Easter bonnet. Different color Bouganvillias grow all over the place as well as Hybiscus in red and yellow. I wish I could take some clippings home.

There are a number of these lovely birds all around us. They are a member of the parrot family, bigger than the budgies at home and disappear in the palm tree folliage. This one is eating the fruit of this particular palm tree.

We found out that "Wild Canaries" are indeed native to the Canary Islands..........we learn something everyday!

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