Sunday, October 3, 2010



Left Calabria at 08:30 and took A3 south to Villa San Giovanni where we boarded the ferry across the Straits of Messina to Messina itself with a bunch of calm Fiat drivers and some nervous Audi drivers. Twenty minutes saw us through town and on to the A19 to Casteldaccia and our apartment by 2:30PM. Owned by an ex-pat couple who now reside in Vancouver, the place is on a side street, with its own enclosed courtyard, palm trees and all. Finally equipped with washer/drier, dishwasher and a large covered terrace complete with BBQ, we settled in. Being Sunday, everything was closed, of course, but a short scout unearthed some Gelatto for Reg’s sore throat and some milk for our morning coffee.

Sipping some relatively expensive Italian red (4.90E for two litres), Paul loafed on the terrace to blog and Reggie had a well deserved nap. Etna slumbers in the distance.


Messina from across the Strait

The ferry from San Giovanni to Messina

View from our terrace in Casteldaccia

The terrace, a perfect place for an afternoon glass of wine.

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  2. Wow! Some spectacular scenery! Very nice.... Your place in Sicily looks nice. Love the terrace! I guess you will be there for the remainder of your stay, right? Jammy!

    Job hunt is slow, had an in-person interview and 2 telephone interviews, but no offers yet...

    Enjoy sunny Sicily! It is starting to get cool here - going down to 3 tonight with frost warning...! However, very nice sunny days, so no complaints...

    Cheers for now,


  3. wait what... how are they ex pats if they live in Canada... or are they expats of italy.... so confused.

    it hasn't broken 60 here in a week, so enough about poor us, its hot here....;)