Sunday, October 3, 2010



Left our mountain aerie this morning and wound down the switchback roads to what I thought would be a road through the mountains. It turned out to be a road over the mountains to nosebleed heights on tiny guardrail-less roads that led eventually to the A3. Mable sulked most of the way, but revived once on the Autostrade and successfully found our next B&B,  I Poeti at Montalto Uffuzo in the Calabrian countryside.

Reg’s cold really is taking it out of her, so short day and early to bed. Learned that water had gotten into our basement back home so took what action we could from here. No WiFi again in the boonies.

Mountain top B&B village

View from our balcony

Dining room of the B&B, carved out of mountain

Our B&B in Calabria

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