Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Market Day in Bagheria, Sicily

Our first day in residence, we combined some provisioning at Bagheria with some sightseeing at the ruins of Solunto.

Coastline at Casteldaccia

Fresh vegetable stall, Bagheria open air market

4th Century BC vase immaculately preserved from Solunto

2nd C BC life-sized statue from house of Leda at Solunto

Lunch at La Rotonda on the coast, back in Casteldaccia.

Drove to nearby Bagheria this morning (and successfully parked!) for the weekly market. A cornucopia of clothing and fresh vegetables, it thronged with bargain hunters. After picking up some essentials including sun-dried tomatoes, anchovies and an Italian coffee-maker, we climbed the hills (have I mentioned that Italy is hilly?) to the ancient ruins of Solunto atop Monte Catalfano. Settled by Phoenicians in the 4th century BC and subsequently conquered by Greeks and Romans, its museums still house amazingly intact pottery vessels and some statuary. The site itself was closed for security-type repairs, but the museums were open.

Gasping from the 83F temperatures and the climb, we repaired to my now favourite, by-the-sea restaurant in Casteldaccia (it has parking!) for a refreshing beverage and a hearty Sicilian pizza lunch.

By carefully timing our return home (between 1PM and 3PM, everyone goes for lunch) we secured a parking spot and climbed to our apartment, to try out our new coffee-maker.



  1. Hello Travelling people!

    Looks nice... So happy for you! I think I've found your favourite seaside restaurant in Google Earth. Is it called "La Rotunda"? Just wondering.... from the photos I have triangulated where it might be....
    Anyway - looks like a little bit of heaven on earth.

    Big lunches in Sicily - yikes! And such thin people!

    Okay - enjoy!


  2. OMG - I just read the caption on your lunch picture - it IS La Rotonda! How unobservant of me....

    oh well - glad you are enjoying!