Thursday, June 23, 2016

St. Ives and Land's End

After a more restrained breakfast, took a cab to St. Ives, a pretty little town that is still an active harbour.  Strolled the streets, lunched on Cornish Pasty and returned to the hotel in time to depart.

St Ives harbour at low tide.

Pressed on to Land's End in the aft to see the Southwestern-most point of England.  Next stop Newfoundland.  It's as rugged as it sounds.

Land's End

Lands End lighthouse

Then it was on to the quaint fishing village of Porthgwwara, huddled behind it's sturdy harbour walls for a photo-op.

Pretty little town

There was just time then for a detour by a Neolithic stone circle known as; "The Merry Maidens".  Reputed to represent 19 maidens out celebrating the summer solstice, who danced past midnight and for punishment, were turned to stone.

Finally, we arrived at the Minack Theatre, for an evening performance in a theatre carved from the vertiginous cliff-side, overlooking the sea.  The third-row seating view was distracting, to say the least.  The play was fun too.

Then it was back to the Castle Resort at St. Ives for the night, tired but happy.

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  1. I bought a chocolate bar from a vending machine at the train station in St.Ives and found a toenail in it! Every time I hear "St. Ives", I think of that..... LOL!