Friday, April 3, 2015

Homeward Bound Day 6

Slept in, then through the rest of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and into New Jersey finally to spend the weekend at Stefan's.  Spring devolved from leaves and blooms in Virginia to bare trees and no flowers in NJ.  Temperature down to 62F.

Truck/car ratio down from 2 to 1 (as high as 10 to 1 at times in Tennessee and Virginia) to a more reasonable 1 to 1 in Pennsylvania and 1 to 10 in NJ.  All to the good because the "professional", $60,000/year truck drivers proved to be a rude, dangerous lot on the Interstates.

Through more "mountain" ranges, Blue Ridge, Appalachians (and their Trail), Poconos and some others, all interchangeable, to our son's place in New Jersey at last, for Easter.

Forged ahead on Monday up trusty I87 after picking up some booze (it's cheaper here than at the Duty Free).  No snow on the ground until after Albany; Spring has penetrated at least this far.  Zipped through the border with our Nexus cards, through a few wet flurries, and home at last.

Somewhere in Virginia

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