Thursday, April 2, 2015

Homeward Bound Day 5

Up and at 'em at the crack of dawn (or thereabouts).   Missed the Nashville bypass, but apparently everyone else took it, as the main roads through town were unchallenging, and we maintained the speed limit all the way through.   Lunched somewhere and pressed on through to Knoxville, through the Ozarks and into the Smokies.  Lots of ice-storm damage to the eastern forests from their hard winter.

Into Virginia and the Allegheny Mountains 3ish and finished up in Roanoke for the night, losing another hour to time change.  Spring not quite in bloom yet here.  No leaves on the trees, no flowers (except daffodils) and the temperature plummeted to 72F.

Ozarks, Smokies, Alleghenys, and Adirondacks look just like the Laurentiens:  things that used to be mountains until they were visited by Ice Age glaciers, rounded off and smoothed down.  Pretty much all the same range.

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  1. Hey - you are making good time! You might be back just in time for the next snowstorm on Saturday/Sunday (don't worry - just 5 cm of wet snow).....

    It will be good to have the both of you back...!