Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Powered west through Arkansas and the Ozarks.  Got an early start courtesy of the time-zone change we'd forgotten about.  Reggie coming down with paul's mystery cold-flu now, so we alternate driving and napping.

Pressed on to Oklahoma City, passing on its outskirts something called Tinker Airbase.  Ever heard of it?  No?  Me neither but its big enough to have 4 exits off the Interstate and judging by the display aircraft along the highway, is a bomber base.

Got in early due to early start so we're crashing early after dosing up on meds.  Its 29F here, cold enough that the diesel pick-ups in the hotel parking lot have their block-heaters plugged in.  Seems the Polar Vortex has reached out to touch us.

Passed the 2,000 mile mark from Cornwall today.  Gas is US$1.85/gallon here or $0.42CA/litre.

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  1. Yes - I have heard of Tinker Air Force Base - not sure why, though...... maybe because it is so large... will research.
    42 cents per litre! DAMN! we got down to 95 cents last week but it actually went back up to $1.04 this week!!..... in true Quebec fashion we lead when the price increases, but trail behind when the price drops...
    Weather here was quite warm last week, colder now, but very little snow left on the ground - probably as much as you have. Southern Cal had snow the other day! Unbelievable! Anyway - get well soon and try to enjoy the trip.