Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday in Sunny Seattle

Statistics to the contrary, whenever we visit here, the sun is out and the weather is idyllic.  Strolled en-masse down to the nearby Ship Canal this morning to stretch the legs, feed the ducks and watch the boats sail past.  To our delight, the Seattle Wooden Boat Preservation Society was holding a Sailing Season opening function and steam-driven runabouts of yesteryear were gliding down the canal to join the festivities.  Maintenance of these delightful creations is obviously a labour of love.

In hot pursuit was a bikini-driven kayak.  The steamers didn't seem to be trying too hard to escape.

Flowers in Phil's garden.

Can't understand why these West Coasters complain about the weather.....

After lunch Philippe and I walked over to Fremont and 34th where next to Peet's Coffee Shop and the Cold Stone Creamery, there lies a below-street-level grocery store with a great selection of fresh breads and local wines.  Moseyed back home for a relaxing Hefeweizen in the sun on the front porch.

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