Sunday, May 5, 2013

Food-Truck Rodeo

Unlike Calgary's Chuck-Wagon Races, Seattle's Food-Truck Rodeo is about food, not speed.  Laid out along the Ship Canal in Fremont, tacked on to the end of the Fremont Sunday Market (itself a wonderful diversion, full of exquisite arts and crafts), the annual festival brings together many of the city's food trucks in one spot for a day of taste-testing and al-fresco dining.

Entrance to market

Prettified tractor

Fish and chips lunch


Mystified Distillery

Pulled-pork sandwich anyone?

Cinco de Mayo celebrant

Fremont's Red Door brewery

Calla Lillies are out

He's bringing his own dock

Fremont bridge raised for sailboat

1198 cyclists have crossed the bridge today

Decorated bridge control-tower

Decorated house

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