Friday, January 4, 2013

Warm and Sunny

Our cottage in Corozal

Palm tree "gazebo"

"Our" balcony and bougainvillea

Slept-in our first morning here.  Awoke to a sunny, 27C morning and walked around the corner for some breakfast bread and cheese.  Delighted to find a round of red-wax-covered Dutch Edam cheese on the counter, all the way from the Netherlands!  Out later with our little cart to lay in some groceries for the week.  Usual first-day struggles to acclimatize and remember to hydrate.  So far, so good.  

Cottage shares the grounds of a large home with another cottage rented by a Canadian gentleman from Perth.  The main house (owned by a British gentleman and his French wife) has two more apartments upstairs, one of which is currently let to a young Swedish couple.  Everyone's here for two months, so we'll no doubt get to know each other.

Off now to hunt down some syrup.  Town not much to look at so far, but people are friendly and courteous.   

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