Sunday, January 6, 2013

Market Day in Corozal

Actually, every day is market day, but Saturday was our market day.  Walked down 5th Street three blocks to the park on the Caribbean, turned left a strolled along to the town square where the open-air market is located.  On the way we met a Calgary couple who had built a house here on the seaside several years ago and now lived here in the winters.

Streets are in poor condition and the pell-mell traffic is kept under control by a plethora of "silent-policemen" or speed-bumps.  The market was bustling and we stocked up on tropical fruits and veggies.  Prices are cheap on non-imported items.  The town square still sported its Christmas decorations, including a blue tree. Christmas in the tropics just seems wrong somehow.  The idea of Santa sweating in Bermuda shorts is strange to North Americans.  Ambled back home (no one moves too quickly in the sun) stopping only for an ice cream on the way.

Ventured out to a nice, sea-side restaurant for a pizza with our Canadian neighbour Monty who'd been there before.  On his advice, we took a Belizean $5 ($2.50 Canadian) taxi there and back, which Monty summoned by email, it being understood by the taxi company that tourists were unlikely to have a phone, but probably had laptops.  Clever.  Pizza was good and the company entertaining.  Restaurant very nice and warrants trip in daylight when the surf can not only be heard, but seen as well.  The sun sets here with tropical rapidity at 5PM or so and the night is dark indeed.

Enjoyed our first tropical cloudburst this morning, which cooled things down enough to allow us to turn off the A/C, open the windows and listen to all the weird birds.

Water-front park, 5th Street

Corozal waterfront

Town square

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