Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Helicopter Over The Grand Canyon

Up early and drove an hour and a half north through Coconino National Forest (Ponderosa Pines) and Kaibab National Forest (Junipers) to Tusayan in the Grand Canyon National Park for Reggie's much anticipated helicopter tour of the canyon. At nearly 7000 feet, the temperature was a balmy 72F, sunny, clear and no wind.  Perfect chopper weather.  We were early as usual, so the wait was a little lengthy, but eventually she was away.  Paul paced nervously for 45 minutes until her return.  She loved her ride and was nearly speechless and in tears of joy when she landed.  It had been everything she had hoped for since working at IMAX and seeing their film of the Canyon.

We visited Grand Canyon Village and took the rim road east, stopping at several lookout points, then stopped for a Navaho lunch at Cameron before heading south to the Wupatki National Monument (a stunning pueblo ruin) and Sunset Crater (a red-coated volcano).  Still eager to see more, we went back through Flagstaff and south past Sedona to Camp Verde and Montezuma's Castle National Monument, a well preserved cliff dwelling, losing 3000 feet of altitude in the process.  We timed it to arrive at 6:30, well before sunset.  Unfortunately, the park closed at 5:30.  Back up 3000 feet to Flagstaff for an excellent Sushi supper and a quiet Blog.

All aboard

Reggie riding shotgun

Canyon from the air

One Mile deep at this point

View from one of the lookout points on the rim

Wupatki Pueblo

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  1. So jealous! Did you fly down into the canyon (below ground level)?